Thursday, 30 December 2010

final frontier.

good days, peeps. just wanna tell you sumthin good (and bad, sadly.). I've got two things to tell ya:

First, the long-awaited revival day of my old dusty computer has come, finally. yupppeeeeh! well i've been waiting for, like, a year? two? i dunno for sure. but just forget that crap, because i'm on the line now! get ready your petty ass coz daddy is back! ohohohohohoho.

Now, the sad news part. I'm closing this blog for sure, so this is gonna be my last post. there's no apparent reason for the closing of this blog, it just that...this adaketekbikinblog is getting dull day by day. but good memories last forever, right? adaketekbikinblog will always be in my heart unyuuuu -_- (sound weird. but oh, well)
gonna write again soon, but not here. maybe in another site? will let you know later. i wont stop blogging, yes. adaketekbikinblog has been such a really great mate, so....

adios, amigos
! (padahal sambil mewek nutup blog ini huhuhu)